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PBX System


3CX is more than just your average business telephone system. Simple, affordable, and flexible. It eliminates the cost management headaches of outdated traditional phone systems. 3CX is your modern communication system solution with some amazing features that will help you communicate efficiently.

Your-All-In-One DNA Communications Solution

Every business has its own unique DNA and culture, we believe your communications systems need to be as unique as your business.

Choose Your Plan!

DNA Digital Solutions is a new, low-cost hosted solution that helps

businesses of every size manage all their calls on one seamless platform.

Install and Manage your PBX System with ease.

Installation and Configuration are simple, best of all DNA Communications can install and configure your system for you. DNA is a leading SIP Trunk provider as well as a 3CX Partner and can get your business all set up with the perfect communication system.

  • 3CX has easy-to-use pre-configured templates for easy integration.
  • Plug & Play Interoperability of IP Phones and gateways for automatic integration.
  • Advanced Security Features are available.
  • You can deploy on the Cloud or in-house.
  • Super easy to migrate whenever and wherever you need with built-in backup and restore.

The management console is straightforward and user-friendly. You can …

  •                Create, Edit, and Delete extensions and DIDs
  •                Upgrades for IP Phone firmware
  •                Reprovision and reboot IP Phones remotely
  •                Perform updates to system and SIP trunks in a single click
  •                Perform server-side CRM integrations

DNA is happy to get your system set up for you and teach you how to manage your PBX!

You can Deploy On-Premise or in the Cloud

DNA Digital Solutions can get you set up with your PBX system. You have some flexibility on where you would like your PBX to deploy too. You can choose to run your phone system and control your data on-premise, through the 3CX Host, through the DNA Cloud, or a privately-owned cloud account.


On-premise Deployment can be set up on an existing Windows or Linux system. You also have the option to deploy on a MiniPC or Raspberry Pi!

Host With 3CX

If you host with 3CX you will be managed and monitored by 3CX without worries. 3CX has created a seamless system that will automatically upgrade new versions and security patches for you. They also include 24/7 monitoring services and daily backups.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is also an option and can be deployed smoothly in minutes. There is an assortment of cloud providers you can choose from such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more; or simplify and use DNA’s Cloud. You can get your FREE standard license NOW!

Security and Backup

3CX sets the standard for VoIP Security. Their integral security features have been created to protect your PBX system from attacks.

They have an increased secure web server configuration. They will protect your SIP by automatically detecting and blacklisting them with a SIP attack tool. A Global IP Blacklist is automatically updated for participating PBXs. The 3CX Tunnel is used to encrypt traffic to 3CX and voice trafficking is encrypted through SRTP. Automatic generation and management of SSL certificates are available. VoIP Security is innovative and comes with an A+ rating from SSL lab. There is an automatic failsafe for automatic backup. Encryption between browser and website will be secured via HTTPS. You can limit access to your 3CX management console based on the IP. It is useful for clocking access from unknown external IPs.


DNA and 3CX will work together to find you the best price possible. You can decrease your phone bill by up to 80%!!! The licensing is based on the number of simultaneous calls rather than the number of extensions you have. Inter-office calls and branch calls are free to make as well as calls between remote workers using the web client and 3CX iOS/Android apps. You can use DNA’s SIP trunks to reduce your outbound call charges. Travel expenses can be reduced by utilizing the integrated web conferencing. With WebRTC integration you can eliminate 800 number phone bills.

Apps and Features

One of the best things about 3CX is the ability to take your extension with you wherever you go. There are apps available for both iOS and Android as well as web and Windows. Your customers can reach you instantly through your website or Facebook page when you use the available integrations.

Download 3CX Apps on your Android or iOS Devices!

3CX apps for your smartphone device allow you to use your extension from anywhere. You can make free VoIP calls using your smartphone. Setting up your “PUSH” notifications for the 3CX app can save the life of your battery. Reward yourself with the most Advanced smartphone VoIP apps available in the UC Market. You can benefit from 3CX’s integrated features like web conferencing, instant messaging, and checking colleagues’ statuses.

There is a user-friendly Web App!

The 3CX Web App is very user-friendly. It is a multi-functioning web app with comprehensive utility communications features. You can make calls straight from the browser or you can direct the calls to your IP phone or smartphone. Live chat is easy to control with 3CX because everything is directed to one place. Video Conferencing is easier than ever, with one click you can connect to your colleagues or customers with this integrated system.

An Easy-to-Use Windows App is also available!

There is an easy-to-use Windows app. You can start calls from your desktop and they will go to your desktop or phone app with the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) mode. The CTI connects your desktop to your phone, giving you the ability to direct calls through your desktop. This integrated system allows you to work from anywhere whenever you like. You can easily check the status of your coworkers, which allows you to know if they are available, away, on a call, etc. Calls can easily be transferred via the webpage by dragging and dropping the calls. You can make calls directly from your CRM (Computer Relationship Management). You can seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Outlook, MS Exchange, or Internal Phonebook to your 3CX Web Client. Reports on customer and agent activities can be found inside your app. A web conference or meeting can be scheduled from here as well. The platform has a Wallboard and Q-Manager view.

3CX Live Chat

The 3CX Live Chat allows customers to chat, call, and meet with you from your website when you connect the 3CX integration plug-in to your website.

Chatting through your 3CX Live Chat does not require any additional subscriptions or charges. It is free for the customers and yourself to use.

Managing the incoming messages is simple with the web client. Each agent in your business will be able to track their messages.

Effortlessly transfer calls to other colleagues.

Facebook Messenger Integration

You can link your web client to your Facebook Messenger making the process of customers contacting you so much easier.

This allows multiple representatives to answer customer questions without having to give everyone access to your Facebook business page.

Message forwarding can be controlled by certain extensions or queues.

With a short 3-step configuration the integration to Facebook Messenger can be done in just minutes.

Send & Receive Business SMS

Text messages can be sent and received via the web client and smartphone apps.

SMS can be routed to specific individuals or groups so that there is always someone available to answer incoming messages.

There is no need to give out your personal phone number. The 3CX Web Client allows you to receive calls from your work extension number through the client and apps.

Your SMS messages will go to the same place as your Live Chat and Facebook messages.

Integrated Video Conference

Video Conferencing FREE for UP TO 250 participants.

You can add unlimited users regardless of the edition.

Video Conferencing with 3CX is super simple, it can be done with just a click of a button.

You can use your phone to call in and participate in meetings as well.

Upload documents directly to the Video Conference to share with other coworkers.

There is an available easy-to-use polling tool that can give the group feedback.

Troubleshooting is quick and easy with remote control assistance.

There is an extension included that allows teammates to share a screen with other group members.

Next Level Call Center Features

3CX PRO and Enterprise editions include call center features included at no additional cost.

Take your business to the next level and increase your sales, boost your productivity, and offer support through the 3CX Contact Center Technology.

Call Center Reporting includes user activity, team queue, service level agreement, and much more.

You can pop into teammates’ calls or listening in to calls.

There is a CRM Integration that allows you to tie your 3CX to Salesforce, Office 365, Freshdesk as well as other popular CRMs.

There is also a way to create your CRM Template with the 3CX CRM API.

Your business can offer real-time support by using Live Chat with website visitors.

Bundled Package Special

100MB fiber optic internet with managed PBX, four lines, 4 phones

  •                100MB fiber optic internet
  •                Complete PBX features for 4 lines
  •                Managed firewall
  •                Managed wireless Wi-Fi
  •                Managed switch
  •                4-T41 VoIP phones

Only $350.00/month

$500 installation and set-up fees waived with 3-year contract and autopay.

You’re in Control to Grow Your Business

Easy to use dashboards put you in charge-but DNA support is always 1 call or message away.

Get Fiber Internet

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